Keyboard shortcuts for Accessibility Insights for Windows

This page lists out the default keyboard shortcuts and describes how you can customize them.

Default keyboard shortcuts

F6Go to the next pane
Shift+F6Go to the previous pane
Shift+F9Bring Accessibility Insights for Windows to the foreground or minimize it
Ctrl+IGo to Live Inspect
Ctrl+TGo to Test
Ctrl+RGo to Color Contrast Analyzer


F1Go to Help (online)

Live Inspect

Ctrl+OOpen snapshot (.a11ytest file)
Ctrl+SSave snapshot (.a11ytest file)
Shift+F5Pause or resume updates to the UI Automation Tree when focus changes via mouse or keyboard navigation.
Ctrl+Shift+F5Inspect the previous sibling element in the UI Automation Tree.
Ctrl+Shift+F6Inspect the Parent element in UI Automation Tree.
Ctrl+Shift+F7Inspect the first child element in the UI Automation Tree.
Ctrl+Shift+F8Inspect the Next sibling element in the UI Automation tree.
Ctrl+Shift+F9Inspect the last child element in the UI Automation Tree.
Shift+F7Start or stop event recording for the selected element.
Shift+F8Run automated checks on the selected element.

Details tab

Alt+SOpen and close Properties settings
Alt+PFocus into the Properties grid
Alt+EFocus into the Properties filter (enabled only when 'Include all properties that have values' settings is turned on )
Alt+AFocus into the Patterns
Ctrl+CCopy selected property's name and value

Configuration (Properties and Events)

Alt+AAdd item
Alt+RRemove item
Alt+VFocus into available items
Alt+SFocus into currently selected items
Alt+FFocus into item filter

Listen to events

Alt+R(Within Events pane) Start or stop event recording for the element.
Alt+V(Within Events pane) Focus into the recorded events table.


How to fix

Ctrl+NumpadAddAuto-resize columns in How To Fix.

Customize keyboard shortcuts

A subset of the keyboard shortcuts can be customized.

To customize keyboard shortcuts

  1. Open Accessibility Insights for Windows.
  2. In the Navigation bar, select Settings . You can also set focus on the Navigation bar and select the Tab key to select Settings.
  3. In the Application tab, select the keyboard shortcut you want to customize and enter the new shortcut.