Accessibility Insights and Telemetry

When you opt into telemetry, Accessibility Insights collects telemetry data, which we share back to the community, to have a better understanding on what accessibility issues are more common and how users are leveraging the tool to improve the overall accessibility of their websites and Windows applications.

By opting into telemetry, you help develop inclusive software and improve the existing tools. This data gives you a voice in the community and in the development of Accessibility Insights, and can influence the focus of the accessibility tools and the standards community to improve guidelines, rules engines, and features.

Accessibility Insights will share, via a blog post, regular reports on any trends observed, with the goal of bringing more clarity to the accessibility space for everyone.

While we appreciate the telemetry insight as it's very valuable, we also know and respect that not everyone wants to share this data, so we ask for your permission every time you install our tools in a new device and offer the ability to disable telemetry in the settings:

Finally, we want to reiterate that we take your privacy very seriously. All collected data is anonymized and has gone through a privacy review. If you want to learn more about what data we collect, our code is open source: