Commitment to quality

The Accessibility Insights team is committed to providing tools that are fast, easy to use, and accurate.

Teams who are new to Accessibility Insights sometimes see failures that appear to be false positives rather than legitimate accessibility issues. In most cases, investigation has revealed that Accessibility Insights has identified a legitimate accessibility issue. In the few cases where an actual false positive has been discovered, the Accessibility Insights team has quickly fixed it and deployed an update to ensure zero false positives.

We have two approaches to reported false positives:

1. Investigate and fix

For verified false positives, we will try to provide a fix as quickly as possible.

2. Clarify and build consensus

Sometimes it isn't immediately clear whether a failure is a false positive or a legitimate accessibility issue. In this case, Accessibility Insights has historically raised the issue to internal stakeholders to build consensus.

Building Accessibility Insights is an ongoing learning process for everyone involved. The Accessibility Insights team is committed not only to improving our tools, but also to collaborating with the people who use them, consulting with accessibility experts across the community, and documenting key decisions.

To ask questions or to file issues: